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25 years of Reeves and Mortimer: the poignant years.

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IMG_8011          12647363_10153958901638566_1017097475057925849_n


I was lucky enough to go along on a great Journey with Jim and Bob to Leeds.

It was the second gig of 25 years of R&M the poignant years.
I was very excited. Our girls were being looked after for the weekend by my Mum and Dad. We got picked up by John, the tour manager at 11am. When John arrived at our house, we invited him in. We were still eating our fry up.
We got in the car. First stop was picking Bob up from his house. It was so lovely to see him. He looked so well. He is eating so healthy. He brought a lot of nuts and seeds with him in the van. We had such a great journey. We all chatted alot and had a laugh.



Jim’s funny selfie.

We eventually arrived at the hotel. The Maimasson, beautiful hotel. The last time Jim and I stayed here was when Jim was filming Who do you think you are. It was great to be back.
I also really looking forward to seeing my step daughter Alice and my mum in law Audrey. I haven’t seen Alice for a year. Alice has been travelling and working in Australia.
Jim and I got into the beautiful hotel room. Jim left shortly after to do the sound check at Leeds Arena First Direct.
Alice arrived at the hotel. It was so lovely to see her. We hugged, chatted, laughed. It was like she had never been away. Audrey arrived. I hadn’t told Audrey Alice was coming. It was a lovely surprise. We down to the bar, had a drink before we left.
We arrived at the arena. We were met by John, the tour manager who is amazing. Taken backstage to see Jim and Bob. Alice was very excited, as she hadn’t seen her Dad in a while, only FaceTime, but that’s not same as a big hug.


IMG_8073                    IMG_8001

Alice and me                                                      Lovely Audrey and Alice. Excited for the show.


The show began. Leeds arena was completely full. The atmosphere was incredible.

we laughed from start to finish. Jim and Bob did everything from Man With The Stick, The Stotts, Mulligan and O’Hare, Dr Shakimoto, dancing, singing, Dove from above and more

Everyone had a fantastic night. I laughed so much, my face was hurting.


A couple of weeks later I was back , this time with Lizzie and Nell to see Jim and Bob in Brighton. The girls couldn’t wait. They already had some great tops from the show, which they will not take off.


Brilliant tops.


12743559_10153974566608566_1399598128536155838_n                               12745734_10153974930953566_2718937680438646737_n

On our way to see the show in Brighton doing our Zoolander pose. The girls loved it. Another full house.


12744048_10153974897848566_2553970674131271632_n                                            12705439_10153974750843566_8016910127728945719_n

Jim, Nell and me trying on wigs back stage at Brighton.     Having fun on stage.


I was off again, this time the last night at Hammersmith Apollo. I went along with my family and friends. I I was looking forward to seeing my brother in law Tommy who had flown in from New York on business.

We all went up on the train. When we got to Hammersmith, Tommy was there. Jim went in to do the sound check. We all went off and found a nice pub, had some drinks and food. It was great to catch up with Tommy. Looking forward to seeing Tommy, my sister Kelly and niece Katie and cute doggy Pippin later on this year in New Jersey.

12729264_10153982080663566_3718662457585002512_n                                  12733387_10153982095913566_3671926902406910516_n

Alice and I getting ready for the night.                                                    On our way to Hammersmith.

We got to the venue, had brilliant seats. The atmosphere was amazing. Another incredible show.




Outside Hammersmith Apollo with my Mum and Dad, Mike and Lesley.


12705294_10153980349673566_3855739225502228888_n                   11037770_10153980350283566_6207321882431382604_n

Waiting for the show to begin with lovely Tommy and Lesley.


IMG_8020 IMG_8055 IMG_8057 IMG_8019

Some photos from the night.

We all went back stage after. It was great to see everyone.

Looking forward to lots more shows.




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