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Chas & Dave

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I grew up listening to Chas & Dave with my Mum and Dad and Sister. We are all big fans. Many great nights in my Dad’s bar in the garden singing all of their songs. In the past few years, I have had the pleasure of meeting them. The best night ever is when they performed at my 40th Birthday party. They were amazing, I danced all night. Jim got up with them and played bass  for about an hour. I sang Rabbit Rabbit with them. All my dreams coming true. I love it.

We sang with them at The opening of Dreamland, Margate singing Great Balls of Fire. We love seeing them perform at The Winter Gardens in Margate. Last week was the second time. I went along with my family and friends. Chas, Dave and Nik play all of the old favourites and great new ones.



Jim and I singing at Dreamland, Margate with Chas and Dave.


Before we went off to see Chas and Dave, myself Jim met up with our friends, Mike and Lesley. We always go up early to Margate, to look at the great shops, and great food in a new Diner. We stayed at The Sands Hotel. A lovely boutique hotel.



Brilliant night at The Winter Gardens, Margate. Chas and Me.

As soon as they start playing, I have to get up and dance. Chas dedicated a song to us, so Jim and I were the first ones up dancing, we love it. Then before you know it, everyone is up.

Our friends, Mike and Lesley, Mum and Dad, My Aunty Jacky and Aunty Iris and Jim all dancing around in a circle shouting out Down to Margate. Brilliant.



Having a great time in Margate, with all the family at The Winter Gardens.



Lovely Lesley and me at The Sands Hotel before the show.

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Jim’s great selfie before the show.      Mike and I having a dance.



Can’t wait to see Chas and Dave again soon.


The next day we woke up, had a lovely breakfast at the Hotel. Looked around Margate with Mike and Lesley. Bought some lovely gifts. Had some cockles. Jim and I visited the Turner Contemporary. There is a really good show on.


Happy Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.









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