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Easter Holidays.

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We have all had a great fun filled busy Easter break. As soon as the girls broke up from School, the next day we all went to Margate, I love Margate. Visiting all of the lovely shops, the beach, restaurants, art galleries, especially the Turner Contemporary. Looking forward to the opening of Dreamland in June. I used to go to Dreamland with my family when I was a little girl, I loved it then, I will love it again. We are all excited.



Lizzie, at the Turner Contemporary

dressing up box and picture frame.


Took these photos there last year at a fantastic installation

.IMG_9027 IMG_9029




Fun at the beach with the girls on the swing boats. Followed by Sausage and chips, yummy.



Finishing the day with a jump on the beach.


The next day we were off the Charing Races. Met up with friends and had a lovely car picnic, it was cold. Jim put on three bets, and came home with what he went with, love it.

On our way to the races. Mike and the girls.




Lizzie and Nelly were in my friends car keeping warm. Lizzie took this lovely photo of Lesley and me having a drinky poo.

11137102_10206661650086791_1856135903010813516_n CBxPai8W0AABdtr

The lovely Mike, Lesley and Emma at the races. Thank you to our lovely friends for such a great day.


Easter Sunday.

Up bright and early.. The girls made batik style eggs.

1) Hard boil egg

2) Gently crack it all over.

3) Dip into some food dye, crack it open and voila, a batik style Easter Egg.


So many beautiful colours.


The girls hard at work, making their brilliant eggs.


The girls had lots of fun doing the Easter Egg Hunt all around the house. They found so many.10003228_10153250186548566_43646397270400202_n

I had some of the girls eggs, they didn’t mind. Hope everyone had a lovely Easter.


In the week I met up with my friend, Jo and her children, and we all went off to Dymchurch to the funfair and the beach. The girls love it there. After the children went on all of the rides, then we went to the amusement arcades and guess what, I lost all my money, all £2.00 of it.



Lizzie and Nelly and their friends, Owen and Aiden on a funfair ride at Dymchurch. They love it at the funfair.



Jo and I enjoying the rides.



All the children at the beach. Great day.


We went to Eagle Heights at Eynsford. So many lovely birds of prey to look at. As we were leaving a photographer approached us, and asked if  he could have a photograph of us with the Bald Eagle and Barn Owl. I took some photos aswell.




This Bald Eagle is amazing. I love this photo.

Jim looks a bit scared.



I was quite reluctant to hold the Eagle. Once the Eagle was on my arm, I felt a bit better. It was so heavy, it weighed 10lb.


The girls loved holding the Bald Eagle.




Such a cute photo of Lizzie and the Barn Owl.

Looking forward to going back soon to Eagle Heights soon.


We have been so lucky with the weather in the Easter Holidays. We love to spend time in our garden when the weather is beautiful. The girls love it, they run around and play on the trampoline. Hope it stays warm.
























  1. Jo Penfold April 18, 2015

    What an Eggcellent Easter you’ve had 😀 …great blog, love the photos x

    • Nancy Sorrell May 1, 2015

      Thanks Jo. xx

  2. Kevin beaney May 1, 2015

    Such a beautiful family !

    • Nancy Sorrell May 2, 2015

      Thank you. x

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