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Half Term Fun.

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It’s been a fun packed week. It was our beautiful girls 9th Birthday, it started on Sunday 24th and went through most of the week. They had a make your own Pizza Party with their friends. They loved it. Two hours of fun, Pizzas, presents, friends balloons and laughter.



The girls with their friends at the Pizza Birthday Party.



9 years later.


The next day was the girls actual Birthday, 25th May. They got lots of great cards, presents from us, family and friends.

We asked Nelly and Lizzie what they wanted to do on their Birthday, they both said “Go Ape.” The last time Jim and I did this was with my step children about 9 years ago.  I booked it up, it’s at Leeds Castle. We all got harnessed up, talked through what we had to do. The girls loved it. They were like little cheeky monkeys. It is very high.

Jim is scared of heights, he did so well. At one point he said “Look, no hands.” I couldn’t believe it. I was a bit shaky when I first did it. The next time It was so much better. The girls kept wanting to do it again and again. The zip wire at the end was brilliant. We all got a cheeky Monkey sticker, yeah!



Me, Lizzie, Nelly and Jim, hehe.


11181828_10153371292183566_6341881397490803443_n       11350508_10153371290838566_5905577083302963192_n

Love Go Ape. So high up.

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Cheeky Monkey, Jim.                       Lizzie on the zip wire.

In the evening my Mum and Dad came over for a lovely meal and fun.


The fun didn’t stop there. In the week we went to the opening of the new Nickelodeon Store in Leicester Square. I went with my girls, my friend and her daughter. We had such a great time. Lizzie and Nelly have been looking forward to this for a while. They love SpongeBob. Everything at home is SpongeBob. When I told them we were going, they were very happy girls. It was a really great event. A great reception, we went in, went up stairs. There was lots of things for the children to do.  Then we all came across the balloon man, he was brilliant. The girls loved it. He made them great hats, he could make everything. I think you could wear them at Royal Ascot. The store looks amazing. The girls left with a fantastic goody bag.



The girls and me at the Nick Store.


1555358_10153391572333566_9052712883258363698_n         11391526_10153399667818566_3368582396453860197_n

Lizzie and me love our balloon hats.   The girls with their friend Olivia.


11391404_10153398522608566_1957079825250615038_n  11295596_10153392579898566_1332907559536076559_n

Yeah! SpongeBob                                                Fun times at the Nick Store.


We went off to see our friends Mike and Lesley at the Folkestone Racecourse Antiques fair.



Here we all are. Hat day.




Great day with friends at the Antiques Fair.

Finishing the week with Karate. Lizzie and Nelly go Karate every Monday at The Green Health Club in Pluckley, Kent. They love it.



Lizzie and Nelly have got some very good Karate moves.







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