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We love Halloween. The girls get so excited, we all do. It was half term, the girls had a sleep over, and the Pumkin carvin began. The girls each drew their scary drawings, and we all helped to carve them out. They looked fantastic.

This year we had an great invite from Jonathan and Jane Ross’ big Halloween party, thank you. The girls already had their outfits ready. They had recently wore them for book week. Lizzie was a scary witch and Nell was Goth Girl, from her favourite book. I was a black cat. I got my black leather catsuit out of the wardrobe, that I hadn’t worn for 10 years, I managed to get it on, I was very happy. When I tried it on the girls thought I was a spy, love it. I added my ears and my tail. I wore my lovely skull necklace from Perfect for Halloween.


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The girls look beautiful and scary.



Arriving as a black cat.


Jim’s outfit was brillilant. He got an old suit and shirt, burnt it with a blow lamp in the garage, it stunk. The head from a sketch he did. A pair of proper dentist made false teeth, and pair of specs he found in Brick lane. I’m not sure what he was, and he doesn’t know himself. When Jim tried it on I laughed for 10 minutes.




On the day, we all went up to London and stayed at a Premier Inn. We got ready in the Hotel. Very exciting. I did the girls make up. Lot’s of smokey eyes for the girls, and dark lipstick. When we were in the room, Lizzie took the face paint and added more stiches to her face. She ripped up her dress a bit and added lots of pretend blood. They both looked fantastic.



The girls were so happy to meet David Walliams.




I love doing my cat makeup, really smokey eyes, lots of eyeliner, a great flick up the side, blusher, red lipstick, not forgetting my nose and whiskers. Jim had big dark eyes, that’s all he needed.



We arrived at the party, paparzzi everywhere, I couldn’t see. The girls loved it. There were some great photos. The party was amazing. I will never forget it. Saw lots of great friends. So lovely to see Jonathan and Jane.


Great Photo Booth at the party, as you can see. Lizzie and Nell spent most of the night in it.

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The cat and the cute Zombie.



Happy Halloween.


Arriving at the Halloween party.










  1. Tracy Haggie November 3, 2015

    Excellent blog on Halloween! You all looked fabulous. And glad it was a great party :) xx

    • Nancy Sorrell November 3, 2015

      Thank you Tracy. Hope you had a great Halloween.

  2. Gemma K November 3, 2015

    Love the Halloween blog. You all looked amazing. I bet you felt over the moon that the cat suit still fitted you after 10 years. It’s so good when you can all dress up as a family and have fun !! Another great blog :) #HappyHalloween

    • Nancy Sorrell November 3, 2015

      Thank you Gemma. Hope you are well. xx

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