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Summer Holidays.

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Its been a jammed packed summer holiday, 6 weeks of fun. My sister, brother in law and niece came down for a week. July, myself Jim and my brother in law Tommy all went to The Ramblin Man Festival in Maidstone, Kent on a beautiful hot summers day in July. I couldn’t believe how hot it was. I was so excited because I new that White Snake were performing. I love them. There were other great bands on, Family, whom Jim loves, Europe, Procal Harum, Hawkwind, Black Stone Cherry and lots more. We were in the VIP area which was great. I new when White Snake were on I was getting right in the crowd. Thats exactly what I did. I loved it, sang every song right into the night. Brilliant night. Can’t wait for next year. Tommy had a great time.


Myself, Jim and Tommy having a great time at the Ramblin Man Festival.

We always do so much. I took my niece and my girls to another great CiCi pr event held at the W Hotel in London. So many lovely brands to see. We all love the Cyberjammies. Fake bake is fantastic, Angel Eyes, Spun Candy, Couture Ultimates Hosiery, Tutti Rouge Lingerie, beautiful jewellery.


Myself, Lizzie and Nell and my niece Katie loving Spun Candy.

The next day Bewl water, Kent. Its beautiful. So much to do, bike riding, fishing, sailing, canoeing, walking, so much more. We all went bike riding. I haven’t been bike riding for a while. We all cycled for quite along time, it was beautiful. The views are gorgeous. The girls loved it.


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We love Bewl Water. Katie, the girls, Jim and me.

My lovely family and I always have a great night in my Mum and Dads bar in their back garden, which we all did.


My lovely sister Kelly and me. Fun in the bar.

It was my Birthday in July. Jim surprised me with a beautiful Karen Millen dress. We went to Rock Salt in Kent. My Birthday lasted all week. Went to The Ivy with our best friends as well.

13707726_10154392581223566_6092644856170269486_n  13669236_10154392576498566_1251325194737467617_n

The fantastic views at Rocksalt, Kent.            Lovely birthday. Very spoilt by Jim and the girls.

13599965_10154388115963566_3712792411728139343_n         13600321_10154389263453566_6286597969427752897_n

Perfect Birthday with Jim and our BFFS, Mike and Lesley. Beautiful gifts from my friends and family.


In August, myself and Jim did a lovely job together, which will be on the BBC very soon. Celebrity Antiques Road Trip. It was brilliant, a great adventure. I don’t want say to much, I don’t want to ruin it. What I can say is, our antiques experts are lovely, I laughed alot. I got to drive a beautiful car, found some antiques. Visited great places. Hope you all enjoy the show, I know I did.


Celebrity Antiques Road Trip coming soon to BBC2. Our lovely antiques experts, Thomas Plant and Charlie Ross. I love Jim’s selfies.

Our holiday this year was brilliant. Myself, Jim and the girls went to Brighton for the night. Looked round the great lanes, bought a fantastic vintage dress, and of course went on all of the rides. We love Brighton. Then off to Lyme Regis. We did everything, the Pier, going on most of the rides, candy floss, ice cream, swimming. The next day we went to Lyme Regis, I have never been there before. We stayed in a lovely hotel called The Alexandra Hotel, over looking the sea, with the most stunning views. We didn’t have to use our car once. Everything was on our doorstep. We walked everywhere, up and down alot. You could feel it in our legs. Highlights of our holiday, include Fossil hunting, fishing, we caught Mackeral and cooked it on the beech. It was the best tasting fish we have ever had. Maybe it’s because we caught them, and cooked them ourselves in the fresh air. Talking of fish, great fish restaurant called Hix. Really nice food, really nice location on a hill overlooking the harbour. Speed boat ride was great. We went on a RIB speed boat ride, which was alot of fun.

Lovely evenings at the Hotel. Sitting outside on the tarrace over looking the sea. You can’t beat Britain for a holiday if the weather is alright.

14051579_10154498477343566_7322012064859276160_n          13902690_10154482083393566_5044954909304349608_n

Fun in Brighton.                                Fun on the rides at Brighton.


13939428_10154487736733566_5171915572904900158_n 14045614_10154487736313566_1640615523377101131_n

Fossil Hunting was brilliant.

14053976_10154493064238566_3787533147752846247_n      14054005_10154493330323566_5372835225729244574_n

The great RIB speed boat ride.                            Fun on the beech with Nell.


Catching the fish, then cooking them on the beech.



Lovely Alexandra Hotel in Lyme Regis.


The very yummy Oysters at Hix.


14202564_10154555312203566_3581017974531923678_n        14202715_10154548822813566_8106675740578847643_n

Jim and I attended the TV Choice Awards. A fantastic night, brilliant winners. I wore my new dress. I bought it from a lovely vintage shop in Brighton from Stop Staring, I saw in the window. They had one left and it was mine, yeah. Jim looks very dapper in his three piece suit. Im wearing my beautiful jewellery by Justine.


14199270_10154566777808566_7297767378626050578_n 14212670_10154560780888566_8978913488130501862_n-2

My stepson Louis with Lizzie and Nell.       I love this photo I took. We love a jumping shot. Jim and Louis                                                                                 at Folkestone Harbour Arm.



The Champagne bar at the Harbour Arm.



My stepdaughter Alice, Jim and me attending the Remembering Elephants exhibition for Born Free. A beautiful exhibitoin. For more information visit



Since the girls started primary School, we have taken the same photo each year in the same position. Our babies are growing up so fast.

Our beautiful girls started year 6 in September. I can’t believe it. This time next year our girls will be starting secondary School. We are looking round lots of Schools to find out which is the perfect one. We are so proud of them.


Looking forward to hosting The Swaps Ball this week at The Dorchester all in aid of my charity Tommy’s. All the money raised on the night will go to Tommy’s the baby charity.








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